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It couldn’t be easier. Recommend a friend to Peachy SEO – you’ll get your next month free and your friend will get their 12th month free. Spread the good word!

At Peachy SEO we like to look after our clients. We believe the best kind of advertising is through word of mouth, so to encourage you to tell your friends we’ve come up with the “recommend a friend” scheme. It’s just our way of saying thanks.



We specialise in providing SEO to small businesses. Peachy SEO understands the unique demands and challenges of small online businesses, and we make sure we’re perfectly placed to cater to your online needs. We work with you to help expand the online presence of your business, improving rankings, traffic and conversions.

Here’s some of the things Peachy SEO can offer your business…




Online businesses don’t take a day off, and neither do we. Peachy SEO responds to your queries 7 days a week. We respond to emails within 24 hours, we’re contactable on Skype and you can call us any time you like – there’s always someone here to help.




We don’t make promises we can’t keep. One of the main philosophies of Peachy SEO is to spend time understanding our clients needs and being realistic about their expectations. We don’t try and baffle you with jargon or technical terms. We’re up front and honest about every step of the process.




Peachy SEO is made up of enthusiastic SEO consultants with a passion for the industry and a wealth of experience. We like to do things differently and we believe that, with enough effort and patience, small companies can dominate in the marketplace. We live and breathe SEO – nothing makes us happier than taking a client and delivering a fantastic result.


What makes us different?


When it comes to choosing a digital marketing agency for your SEO, businesses are spoilt for choice. But what makes us different from the other agencies? What are we offering that’s unique?

We believe in standing out from the crowd. Not all digital marketing agencies are the same. Our whole ethos is different to the other companies on the market. Take our website for example. There’s no graphs or charts, no jargon designed to baffle you into coming on board. We give our customers simple advice in a way they can understand. If you choose to join up then great – if not then at least we’ve helped. That’s what we’re about.


Here’s a few other things that help us show we’re not like everyone else…


No set package deals…


“Well we can put you on the gold package for the price of a silver package unless you choose the bronze package but your best bet is the platinum package. Or you could have the platinum plus package with optional extras” – Does this sound familiar? Companies say they use “packages” to make it easier, when really it’s just a sales tool. Then it’s used as an excuse if your website doesn’t rank well (“if you were on the platinum package you’d be on the first page!”)


That’s not how we like to do business. It’s not fair on the customer. We sit down with you and have a chat, taking the time to find out where you want your business to go. We then look at how much work is involved, where your site sits currently and give you a bespoke quote based on that. Imagine you wanted a conservatory. One builder comes in and gives you a quote based on the work that needs doing, the other tells you about the gold, silver and bronze conservatory packages. Which would you choose? It’s common sense.


Fewer clients and more staff…


A typical agency consists of several SEO consultants and hundreds of clients. The work comes in, gets passed to whoever’s available and gets finished. Usually there’s roughly 1 technical member of staff per 50-100 clients. In a typical agency your business could be one of a hundred being looked after by a member of staff. This means you get overlooked and feel undervalued – and we don’t think that’s the right way to treat a customer.


Again, we do things differently. We have just 10 clients per SEO consultant, meaning our staff always have time for you. What’s more, you get your own SEO consultant who understands your business. You’re not speaking to different people every time. Unless our staff are on holiday, you’ll be speaking to the same person who knows your business inside out. You’re not a number here, you’ve got a personal relationship with the staff.


We use the best software money can buy…


All businesses like to cut costs where they can. Your typical agency won’t pay for the good software to do the job, they’ll get all their tools for free! This leads to superficial reports and a poorly executed job.


That’s not how we do business. We license all our SEO tools from Moz. Even though they cost a bit extra, they’re the best tools money can buy. It’s about showing our customers that we’re about more than just making money, we want to raise the bar for our customers. This is why we hire more staff per customer, hire the most expensive tools for the job and don’t try and baffle you with packages or deals.